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Aspirar's CLIA and COLA accredited molecular laboratory provides high-complexity testing services utilizing approved protocols.

We are committed to helping in the diagnosis of the numerous infections and viruses that plague millions of individuals yearly.

We currently provide RT-PCR COVID-19 and Urinary Tract Infection testing with Antibiotic Resistance treatment options. Our

experienced team, including medical, regulatory, operational, and laboratory experts are here to assist you in every step of the way, making it convenient for your business to operate effectively.

Drug Testing

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RT-PCR COVID-19 (SARs-CoV-2) Testing
Aspirar’s CLIA and COLA accredited laboratory offers fast and efficient COVID-19 testing by utilizing FDA EUA approved protocols and Applied Biosystems' TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Assay. This highly sensitive multiplex diagnostic solution provides real-time detection through PCR technology. COVID-19 RT-PCR test results are based on CT (cycle threshold) values and amplification curves of each of the four targets. The four targets tested include MS2 that serves as an internal control, N-gene, ORF1ab, and S-gene. Since our lab is able to screen for more than one gene, we are able to screen for all currently known variants. Additionally, we offer several flexible testing options for businesses and individuals alike.

UTM (Urinary Tract Microbiota) Testing – with or without Antibiotic Resistance (ABR)
Aspirar’s UTI panel is a fast, sensitive, and comprehensive test utilizing the latest Real-Time PCR technology which provides a clear insight into Uropathogens as well as the presence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes if requested. The panel includes 17 microbial targets, plus 18 antibiotic resistance genes, 16 S pan-bacterial Control and Universal DNA Spike-In Extraction Control (Xeno). Proper treatment plans rely on an accurate diagnosis of the infectious pathogens as well as the antibiotic resistance pattern.

Respiratory Tract Microbiome (RTM) Testing
Coming Soon 2022Aspirar’s RTM (Respiratory Tract Microbiota) panel is a fast, sensitive, and comprehensive test utilizing the latest Real Time-PCR technology which provides a clear insight into respiratory infections and bacterial        co-infection patterns. Our CLIA and COLA accredited laboratory uses approved protocols to provide an accurate and quick panel that identifies the most common respiratory pathogens. This panel includes various forms of pertussis, pneumonia, coronavirus, bocavirus and parainfluenza. With the outbreak of COVID19, it has become more important than ever to identify the respiratory pathogen present to follow proper treatment protocol.

Women’s Health (VM - Vaginal Microbiota) Testing
Coming Soon 2022 – Aspirar’s vaginal microbiota panel is the next generation assay. It doesn’t need culture and has high sensitivity and specificity which provides a clear insight into vaginal infections, vaginitis, and bacterial vaginosis. This panel includes 34 microbial targets, plus 16S rRNA and human RNase P RPPH1 controls. By deciphering genotypic data, we can provide a functional answer with respect to both fast and slow growing organisms. Proper treatment plans rely on an accurate diagnosis of the infectious pathogens as well as evaluating each test option in conjunction with the patient’s history and examination.



Science Lab

RT-PCR test results are based on CT (cycle threshold) values and

amplification curves of each of the targets. The Ct value indicates how

many PCR cycles were required to detect the nucleic material, meaning

a high Ct value indicates a low viral load and a low Ct value indicates a high

viral load. Ct values have cutoff ranges, these cutoff ranges determine if a target is prevalent. The amplification curve plots the accumulation of target product over the test run. The amplification curves allow scientists to see how prevalent a

target is, whether there is any background noise or other issues during the run process, and to easily visualize each target over the course of the test run. The Ct values are corroborated with the amplification curves to rigorously determine the status of your sample.

How It Works 

Sample Intake Methods
Aspirar strives to offer flexible options for you and your business. We have three options for transporting samples to our lab located in Cary, NC. Within available service areas, Aspirar will send a courier on scheduled days to pick-up specimens at your location. You may also drop-off samples at your convenience. If either of these options are not feasible, we will provide shipping labels for next-day delivery directly to our lab.


Test Selection
We are committed to our role in educating physicians on the requirement by OIG/HHS that all testing ordered must be deemed medically necessary. As part of our compliance plan, we offer full disclosure of the CPT codes we will bill with, along with the corresponding Medicare fees so that providers may consider those facts as they make their selections.

When and how will you receive results?
We provide fast and reliable results usually within 24 – 48 hours of sample arrival at our lab in Cary, NC. Some services, such as UTI testing, may require longer turn-around times.

Aspirar offers an easy and convenient online physician portal that allows physicians to evaluate their patient's test and results.

For individuals testing for COVID-19, Aspirar can send results directly to the individual via HIPAA compliant and secure email and text message, and/or we can provide a master list of results that is sent directly to the client’s lead contact via  e-mail. We also have an easy and convenient result portal where individuals can view their COVID-19 results by entering their name and birthdate:

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