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Welcome to Aspirar Laboratory...

At Aspirar Medical Lab, we closely monitor each

patient specimen throughout the testing life cycle

until results are reviewed and reported to the

physician. Results are available within our secure,

HIPAA-compliant website, or other method


Doctor Office

Coronavirus (COVID-19) RT-PCR Testing 

Our CLIA and COLA accredited laboratory utilizes FDA EUA approved protocols to offer COVID-19 testing using Applied Biosystems' TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Assay. This highly sensitive multiplex diagnostic solution provides real-time detection through PCR technology. We offer several flexible testing options for businesses and individuals alike. 

Urinary Track Infection (UTI) RT-PCR Testing with Instant Antibiotic Resistance Treatment Options

Our Urinary Tract Microbiota (UTM) panel is a fast, sensitive, and comprehensive test utilizing the latest Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) technology which provides a clear insight into the presence of Uropathogens and Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ABR) with greater accuracy than a traditional urine culture. Additionally, we are enrolled in the CAP's Laboratory Accreditation Program that allows us to conduct proficiency testing and ensures preciseness. Effective treatment plans for UTI rely on an accurate diagnosis of both the pathogens and antibiotic resistance pattern. Our CLIA and COLA accredited laboratory utilizes FDA approved protocols to create an accurate and quick panel that identifies the most common Uropathogens and Antibiotic Resistance Genes. This panel includes 17 microbial targets, plus 18 antibiotic resistance genes, 16 S pan-bacterial control and Universal DNA Spike- In Extraction Control (Xeno). With a general increase in immunity to antibiotics, it is imperative that we identify antibiotic resistances in addition to the uropathogens present in order to help design individualized treatment for every patient.

Semi-Quantitative Screening & Full Confirmation
We use Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) to screen for the presence of a drug or metabolite. When positive on the EIA screen, the sample is sent to confirmation for more specific analytical methods, if ordered by the physician. When this semi-quantitative test is positive, full confirmation is available. 

Test Selection
We are committed to our role in educating physicians on the requirement by OIG/HHS that all testing ordered must be deemed medically necessary. As part of our compliance plan, we offer full disclosure of the CPT codes we will bill with, along with the corresponding Medicare fees so that providers may consider those facts as they make their selections.

Medication Monitoring

We offer cutting-edge resources for understanding the specific needs of patients based on their unique biochemistry. In addition, we have pharmacists on staff to answer any medication questions.

Physician Convenience
As a convenience for the physicians and patients, we will pick up the samples at the physician's medical office for test analysis. Results will be available online or integrated into the practices EMR. Also, testing supplies can easily be ordered through the lab.

Delivery, Pick-up, & Shipping 

Aspirar offers sample pick-up in the Triangle and surrounding areas. For further locations, we provide overnight shipment labels to ensure that the sample get to our lab quickly. We are a small diverse company that prides itself in flexibility and excellent customer service. Therefore, if you need priority testing or other arrangements, we will be happy to work with you and do our best to give you and your patients the excellent and prompt service. 

Respiratory & Women's Health Testing - Coming Soon

Aspirar is excited to announce that we will be offering respiratory and women's health testing services in the near future. Contact us for additional details and check back to see when they will become available.

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